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Viral Disinfectant Fogging, sometimes called ULV (ultra low fogging), is a process that uses technology to compress disinfectants through a nozzle that produces a fine mist or aerosol. The droplets that are produced are incredibly small and concentrated, therefore fewer chemicals need to be used. These droplets will linger in the air for approximately ten minutes, allowing them to bind to any visible surface area. Once it contacts bacteria, virus, or fungus it kills it within 2-3 minutes. This process is very effective and is used in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to ensure areas are sterile.

Our Fog Cleaning Systems allow us to spray a fine fog of disinfectant that can cover 10 times more surface area than traditional cleaning methods. These foggers can disinfect 15,000 square feet in less than 10 minutes! Foggers like ours are being used worldwide to fight the spread of Coronavirus.  They spray many of the same disinfectants being used in COVID-19 hot spots.

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